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Photoshop Tips from the Newsgroups

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This is an organized listing of posts written to the Usenet Photoshop newsgroups. I have edited these posts in the interest of reducing confusion where I thought it appropriate. When I kept them, there are names along with the posts. If you sent a post for which you did not get "credit", let me know. Thanks go to all of the "members" of the and the newsgroups including, but not limited to these people (in alphabetical order by first part of nickname): Art, Bobby Henderson, Bruce W Johnson, Charles House, chero, c-tide, Dark Star, Dave, Dorothy, edjh, Fungusamungus, Gary Schooley, Grant Hood,

 Gwarsbane, Janee, Jared Forrer, Jase!!, JT, Kevin Casabon,  MrJim, Mike Russell, Mohamed Al-Dabbagh, myJanee, Robin, Ron (RTF), Ronald from Belgium, RossF, TacitR, Trevor Morris, Will Bueche, Wulfereene, and especially MikeC. Essentially this list would not be possible if it were not for all the time and effort put forth by the great people in these newsgroups.

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