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Art Galleries

Alan Ayers Studio  Don't miss this creative art! No wonder this artist's work is seen on so many book covers! And ladies, his romance images.. really do it.

Alejandro's Images  Wander through this Argentinian artist's surrealistic vision.

Allison Art  Fractal art that is really art. These people have discovered the secret!

Antoine Fanis Impressionistic-style photo effects for scenes of Italy, France, florals, and more. Also see his gallery of hand-drawn works including some striking nudes.

ArtistMike  Stop by and see if his skills and talents are up to your standards. Some cool stuff.

Bert Monroy Fine Art  Photo-realistic paintings with Photoshop and Illustrator. Best I've seen!

Brothers Joern Insanely detailed pen-and-ink drawings. A good imagination can be a dangerous thing! <g>  Extensive galleries of fine artwork done in various media from pencil to 3D digital.

The Cricket Cage  Fine gallery.

Davro's Digital Imaging  very nice gallery of photo art!

Deaddreamer  Here is someone it would be interesting to talk with at a cocktail party. Photo art, drawings. amazing stuff.

dhabin eng  Neat gallery of computer-drawn artwork. Also contains a nice section covering HOW he puts his ideas into a picture.  Artists register here and submit their work to any one of several categories. Others can comment on the work.

Digital Creativity  Nice photos and other creations done with Photoshop

Dragonworks   Mystical mythical renderings done in a manner that makes you want to keep looking.

e-murals   For anyone curious about how these wonderful Trompe L'Oeil paintings are done, do have a look at Sarasota's Skip Dyrda's work on this site!

End Effect   Wallpapers, drawings, skins with a high-tech feel, text effects. They even have a small gallery of PalmPilot art!

Francis Camilleri  To underscore the beauty of his work, and it is beautiful, is the fact that this artist does his work only with his mouth. He proves that we don't need hands to have vision.

The Great Illusion  This link will take you to the author/artist's "credits" page where you can see the index of his works. Combining the poetry of Victor Kahn and the artwork of Jim Warren, these works are compiled into a series of pages that chronicle their journeys into life and its various paradoxes.

Harald Seiwert Virtual Museum  Check this out if only for its cool gallery interface! Actually the work is inspiring too. 

Huntington Witherill Some very creative use of photos in artwork!

Images of Eyes  Gallery of many artists' works on whose focus is eyes. Compelling and inspirational!

Infinitee Designs   Much fine art, some nudes. Portraiture, fantasy, 3D, pen and ink, and even T-shirts and greeting cards.  Gallery with an impressive variety of riveting digital artwork.

Jacquie Lawson Not exactly a "gallery" site, but she offers some very neat Flash animations in the form of greeting cards. Many can be previewed free; you need to join and pay a fee to send cards.

Jailbird's Imaging Gallery  Wow! Neat stuff here!

Janee's Art Challenge See the collection of art that people have submitted to this Challenge. Each month has a different theme.

Janee's Gallery  Computer drawings, geometric designs, text effects, other stuff.

The Louvre  Take a virtual tour of the world's most famous collection of art!

Marco's Art Gallery  Very nice gallery with many fine pieces.

Mindstorm  Stop by here for a very different view on things. This guy can really draw, taking Photoshop to its extremes!

Off the Map Again.. not a real "gallery," but ... well, ok it is sort of a gallery. Click the Travelogue link to see what visionary artists have done with ordinary objects.

OmTattoo  Very nice and compact site including a gallery of photos and one of illustrations.

Painted Lady Gallery   Jack Henslee treats the female form to the marvelous touch of his pen/brush and shows us the lovely results in his gallery. For adults.

Painterly Arts Some really cool digital paintings here. Check out the fantasy and science fiction images.

Paul Friedlander  is a kinetic light sculptor and computer artist. He offers a freeware d/l of a cool little art generator in addition to his marvelous gallery.

Peter Sharpe Galleries  See some cool stuff done with Bryce.

PhotoshopEtc. A few nice pieces from the members of this community site.

Shanzcan Very cool stuff here.. varied and exciting! Also check her student galleries!

Sir John's World Explore the world inside this interesting man's mind through his varied and beautiful digital paintings.

S.O.S. Design Beautiful and provocative and ... famous! Look at Shasti O'Leary's clever mind at work as he designs book covers. Wow!

Stephen Linhart This prolific and visionary artist and art software author shows you his work. Hard to navigate his site, but worth the work!

Varian's DreamView  Extensive site of not only a fantastic gallery, but numerous other resources for users of digital art software.

Worth1000  Gallery after gallery of entries from various contests. Some very cool things here.

Zandoria Studios  Very nice gallery of fantasy/erotic art.

jPhotography Galleries

A Luna Blue  Stock photography and image gallery. Some really beautiful looks at natural subjects.

Bill Bachmann Florida and the Earth  Some really outstanding work here, travel, nudes, advertising, architecture.

Cambridge in Colour Absolutely splendid photos, many of them showing the beauty of night.

Chainstyle  Hover over Photography at the top for the topics. Here you will find outstanding photos and photo art of architecture, landscapes, portraits, scenic splendor, and more.

Crockett's Photo Gallery  Nice collection of outdoor and nature photography.

Huntington Witherill has some amazing photos and photo art pieces in a well-organized gallery.

Katrin Eismann  Some very creative use of a camera exhibited here!

Kelly Saba Photography Beautiful photography featuring diverse subjects.

Kim Sallaway Photography  Explore peoples of the world, artifacts of humanity, colorful festivals, and more!

Manipulator Jill Greenberg's her name, and people are her game! Have a look at some really interesting portraits!

Molecular Expressions  You wouldn't believe how beautiful amoxicillin can be! View bacteria, viruses, chemicals and more under an electron microscope!

Natural Born Hikers  So this doesn't sound like a gallery site, and it really isn't! But this is an awesome collection of scenic photography, real stuff, taken by a couple as they hiked around the US and the world!

Photo Critique Forum  Submit your photos for comments and critiques on this interactive site. Some really beautiful work by some heavy-hitter photographers!

Photography by Erwin Enjoy the work/play of Belgian amateur photographer, Erwin Bosman. Subjects are diverse and include flowers, animals, landscape, and assorted whimsy.

Photography Via the Digital Route  See Barry Beckham's extensive gallery of digital photography and photo-art.

Robert D Feinman  Amazing panoramic photography of scenic splendor.

Robert Sojka Photography Beautiful portraits, landscapes, and nature photography.

Ron Jones Photography Wonderful work with photos and photo art, dealing with many varied subject categories.

Sam Short Photography   Beautiful floral photography, fashion, travel, more!

Starving Photographer  Mahesh Thapa really has it going on. Visit this site for some extraordinary landscapes!

Stock Photo Sites Here I have links to some sites offering photos available for your use.

Wright Art Studio Visit his "Photo of the Week galleries for a new look at common subjects. Mr. Wright also includes notes about what he sees in his photos.

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