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Tutorial Sites

Photography Tutorials

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Big Photo Help    The best place for huge photos or poster printing! Quality is wonderful, packaging is ample, service is instant and friendly, and pricing cannot be beat.

Digicam Views -- This site is mainly a portal site, containing many links to other photography resources, but also has some short tutorials, book reviews, and articles of interest to the photographer.

Digital Art Supplies  All the art paper and card stock supplies you might need!

Digital Photography Newsletter    Articles reviewing all the digital cameras, forum, tips, accessories, more!

Digital Photography Review    This site reviews all of the popular digital cameras, with specs, side-by-side comparison,  and details of problems, galleries of work from various cameras, a forum for digi photographers, and all the latest news.

Do-it-Yourself Digital Camera ... from one of those drug store digicams. This does require some doing, but you can convert a disposable digicam into a more permanent camera that you can use with your own computer!

Do-it-Yourself Tripod ... from a soda bottle! If you're looking for a handy tripod for a small digital camera, check this out!

Feather River Canyon News -- Digital Imaging  Tutorials on effective use of the digital camera and on working with photographs. best tut on making old images look new again.

FreePhotoGallery  Many links to other sites with photography tutorials, galleries, and other resources.

Geoff Lawrence offers you many really fine tutorials for making yourself a better photographer. Topics include composition, exposure, lighting, closeups, and photo editing.

Imaging Resource  See this great resource site for digicam reviews, tutorials and many great articles on photography.

JTGraphics  Much of the site is dedicated to the webmaster's commercial ventures, this page has some good links for online photo storage, equipment, digicam resources, and a few tutorial links.

Learning Site  Post your photos here for this community to critique on its Message Board. Includes some nice articles on portraiture.

PC Resources for Photoshop Several very nice tutorials. Includes compositing pictures,  more. gradients, 3D text, panoramas, and more. Also has photography tutorials on topics like close-ups, software helpers, and digicam resources.

PhotoAlley  Your resource center for digital photography. Includes a digital photo contest, forum, tutorials, and tips on choosing the right equipment for you.

Photo Critique Forum  Submit your photos for comments and critiques on this interactive site. Some really beautiful work by some heavy-hitter photographers!

PhotoSIG  Send your photos or critique others' photos in this fine online community of photographers.

Photo Web Resource Center  Many links for photography, including photography tutorials, equipment, specialized photography, and galleries. Also links on photo-enhancing software including Photoshop, Corel Draw, Photodraw, and others.

Plonsky Photography  This is a wonderful resource for anyone interested in macro photography techniques... and in looking at amazing photos of insects!

Robert D Feinman Photographic Tips  are really tutorials including the best on how to make panoramic photos from normal ones and some on high-bit scanning as well. Also see his links for some good photography links.   Need help with scanning? Look no further. Wayne Fulton offers the best in scanning advice.

Shutterpoint Neat tips in some of these articles for making your camera work for you.

Steve's Digicams Super site with reviews of digital cameras, scanners, other accessories. Forum, links to photo galleries.

The Photographers Place Articles and features of interest to photographers. Includes a gallery and forum.

Virtual Guidebooks How to make 360° panoramic photos. Very cool stuff! Also, go "Home" on their site to see some of these shots.

Web Photo School Click on Free Lessons to see their fine set of digital photography tutorials.

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