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  • I do not open "e-cards," so if you have something to say, just put it into your email. Please do not send e-cards to me.

Here is my preferred email addy:

M Y J A N E E then  .. at hotmail dot com

I LOVE getting your email! However.... I HATE when I write back to you and my reply is bounced.

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Janee working in the mobile office -- Jan. 2006

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  • If you want to just shuffle a little money my way, but keep learning Photoshop, you may sign up for one of my classes! I am teaching 7 different classes right here on my site. You'll find that you'll learn a ton, smile often, and surprise yourself with what you'll create!
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  • Send your stepmother something nice. I'm a stepmother and I'd give a body part if one of my kids would do that for me. It would make me smile bigtime to find out that you did that.
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  • Do not send me e-cards. I smile every day because of the quantity of e-cards I do not get!

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