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Michael's Journal
Surgery Day

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Before my Surgery - Surgery & First day in the hospital -- Hospital day 2 -- Hospital day 3
Tuesday, 15 February, 2005

I awoke this morning at 4:30 and did my walk on the treadmill. I didn't want to get too dehydrated, and I wasn't allowed to drink anything, so I kept my speed moderate, and stopped after 35 minutes. (It's all about time, anyway, after all! Here I am on the treadmill.

I had to be at "Thoracic Park" by 6:30 for my 8:30 surgery. We got in right away and they whisked me off to get ready. George, Angie, and Janee waited outside.

Janee: After waiting for some time, they let us come back to be with Michael for a bit before they took him back. He was all prepped and on the gurney, hooked up to IV and feeling relaxed.

At exactly 8:30, they gave him the Versed and Dr. Bowling came in and talked to us for just a second.

Michael is famous for saying silly things whilst under Versed. He was not quite as silly as usual today, saying only that he thought that maybe Danny (our broker) would like some of this Versed. (?) It was also a little silly when he introduced his brother George as "the nephrologist," me as "the graphic artist," (as if every surgical operation needs its own graphic artist) and Angie as "she's wonderful."
**Two Hours of Jeopardy Music**
At 10:30, Dr. Bowling came out with the news: Michael had come through the surgery just fine, and the lesion was benign -- not cancer.

Angie and I made some phone calls to family and then we awaited his coming out of it and making it out of the recovery room and to his hospital room.

So what was it? Dr. Bowling said it is some granulomatous process -- a nodular growth which surrounds an invading organism.

They have sent the tissue off to see just what organism this was, and he will receive medical treatment for it, once we know. Examples of what it might be: tuberculosis, histoplasmosis, or another fungal infection. TB would be unusual in that particular location.

Michael: As soon as I spotted the bathroom, I practically lept off the gurney. I don't think that everyone was ready for me to be doing that, but I felt much better afterwards!

Our room in the Trager Pavillion is very comfortable and beautiful. It's not quite Sydney, but is a close second. There is plenty of room and a pull-out bed, enabling Janee to stay with me.

Here I am demonstrating my chest tube. Notice also my fashionable clothing!

Michael showing off his chest tube

I'm feeling great. I've had a bit of pain. But as G. Gordon Liddy said, as he held his hand in a flame, "It's not that you don't feel pain; it's that you don't MIND the pain."

I don't mind the pain. I know it's supposed to be there, and I don't want it to bother me.

During the afternoon, the Cantor from a local Synagogue brought these iris pens. They are actual pens, which have been made into irises.

Then it was dinnertime! Hospital food? I've STILL never had a bad meal in Louisville. This one was amazing!

We began right away with Michael's respiratory therapy with his incentive spirometer. Here he is showing his stuff.

I was entranced by the beauty of the Louisville skyline view from our window!

breathe1478 city1480

Janee: I have not yet figured out how to do the internet connection here.

I'm planning to upload this tomorrow (Wed) at G&A's.

Let's see what tomorrow brings!

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