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Michael's Journal -- Page 3
First Day Post-op

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Before my Surgery - Surgery & First day in the hospital -- Hospital day 2 -- Hospital day 3
Wednesday, 16 February, 2005

Last night I had a little more pain and used my PCA a couple of times. I got up several times during the night on my own.

Then this morning, I awoke feeling great! Our breakfast was a delicious table of food. I had lox & bagels, scrambled eggs, bacon, & grits. Janee had french toast with strawberries, raisin bran with skim milk, and we shared juice. The meal was beautifully garnished with fresh fruit, too!

After breakfast, I got up and moved over to the chair. I was able here to fully enjoy the gift from Mitch, Michelle, and their girls -- candy and balloons!

Janee didn't let me sit for long. We took a morning stroll around the Pavilion, exploring all its nooks & crannies.

Janee pushed my IV pole and I carried my chest tube drain.

mstroll1486 mstroll1487
From Janee: For the very weak of stomach, I will warn you that this picture at the right may not be for you. Though his bandages are covering the incisions, you can see some black and blue here. See Michael's bandages
I'm getting great care, with lots of attention from the medical personnel.

Just as lunch came, Dr. Bowling showed up to pose for some pictures and to examine me. "Take some deep breaths," he instructed, as he listened to my chest.

He ordered my IV to be stopped and it was converted to a heparin well, so that we could get rid of the bulky pole.

Here you can see Teresa, who's been my daytime nurse, giving me a bit of Toradol into this port.

docnpatient1488 docnpatient1490
And then, after a visit from George, and a visit from Angie, we went for our walk! It's all about the time, but we actually went along at a reasonable clip around and around the 14th floor! We amazed the nurses.

Janee got these photos on our last lap around.

mtrager1499 matrium1496
mwalk1493 mwalk1494
And then it was dinnertime! Yummy porkchop! Snowpeas, salad of phyllo-wrapped goat cheese.. delicious coconut flan! (We're getting spoiled!)

Janee took these pics of the gorgeous sunset!

We bedded down early tonight.

Follow us along to tomorrow!

216mdinner1504 216salad1508
216dinner1507 216dessert1506
sunset1510 view1511

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