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Michael's Journal -- Page 4
Last Hospital Day

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Before my Surgery - Surgery & First day in the hospital -- Hospital day 2 -- Hospital day 3
Today I awoke feeling some discomfort -- pain in my back and right side. We got cleaned up a bit in time for Lisa to come and take out my chest tube.

I was a little worried that this was going to hurt, but the worst part of it, by far, was having the tape taken off! I breathed in, bore down a bit, and it was out!

And then we enjoyed our scrumptious breakfast. Yesterday's was so delicious, we ordered the very same thing today. I ate the eggs, bacon, grits, and lox & bagels (with capers!) and Janee had the French toast & raisin bran. 217bfast1518
And now I'm pretty gorked by the pain meds that they made me take prior to the chest tube removal. (Maybe that's why it didn't hurt?) Gonna go have a nap!
Ok... they finally got back with my chest film results. "Get out of here," they said, so that's what we did!

Just after lunch... yes,we got one more delicious meal! -- we packed up and headed out. I wouldn't let them put me into a wheelchair and carried my own stuff, while Janee got the car.

We took our bags back to Angie & George's, where we'll bunk for a couple more days. Then we headed off to the mall for our walk!

Janee walked for 40 minutes at a brisk pace,, going in circles so that she didn't stray very far from me, and I did 30 minutes at a slightly slower pace. And did Janee take the camera to document this walk? Noooo! But here are some pics from the walk the next day!


14 March, 2005

I'm doing fine now. I never did miss a day of walking 30 minutes or more. By the time we got back to Bloomington on Sunday, Janee was having trouble keeping up with me.

My checkup post-op was perfect. They still don't know just WHAT it was that caused all of this, but we're still thinking histoplasmosis.

Thank you to everyone who's kept up with my progress. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your thoughts and prayers. This was a scary time for all of us, and we're happy to put this chapter behind us!


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