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Eat to Live Light Introduction

So many of you have asked me how I managed to get and then to stay so slim, and so here it is; I'm writing it all out for you. Different people may benefit more from some parts than others, but I'll bet that you will find something here that will help you in your quest for a lighter you. 

"The second day of a diet is always easier than the first. By the second day you're off it."   --Jackie Gleason

I know that metabolism plays a role in what a person's ideal weight is, as well as what their desirable minimum is, as do nebulous terms like "big bones". I chuckle as I tell people that it is amazing how much smaller my bones got when I lost 25 lbs! It is true that I was not obese when I started this diet, but it is also true that I feel MUCH better about myself now than I did before.

Janee at her current weight of about 117.

My plan is simple, but it is not easy. How many things that are really worth doing are easy? I believe that you will enjoy the few life-style changes that you will make, and you will consider them to be well worthwhile. This plan consists of just a few attitude adjustments and what I consider a very easy-to-follow diet.

First, a little about me: I was born on 10/25/56, and I enjoy good health, though I started this diet when I was NOT in such great health.

I was 42 years old and 142 lbs when I began this, in early March, 1998. I got to 120 by mid-June, lost a little more and since then, I have maintained at between 116 and 119. 

I had been a "yo-yo dieter" my whole life, since about age 12 or 13, fluctuating as much as 15 or 20 pounds every several months. My new practices have ended that cycling and will enable me to maintain my weight forever, barring some illness or something.

Several people I know have read these ideas of mine and have put them to use and all have been successful so far, one woman having already lost 20 pounds since Thanksgiving! When you lose some weight, I'll happily print your story here, your photo if you want, and a link to your website!

M's Story

Janee at about 135 lbs
Janee at about 135

      No Clean Plates
      • What does it mean to waste food?
        • No clean plates!
        • Never eat till you are full.
        • Enjoy your food.
        • The biggest waste of food.

      Nuts & Bolts.. errr.. Chips

      • How do my snacking habits affect me?
      • How can I maintain my weight if I eat out a lot?
        • Eating out
        • Snacking

      Weighing... How?... When?... Why?

      • How, when, and why should I weigh myself?
        • Weigh yourself every day.
        • A pound is a pound, and no more!


      On Honesty
      • Why is honesty so important and what are the little food lies that defeat us?
        • Body Lies
        • Food Lies
        • How we get off diets
        • About soda pop, diet soda, and fruit juice drinks 
        • To tell or not to tell
      Your Food Choices
      • How can I make good use of my food choices?
        • Your diet
        • If it isn't available, you can't eat it.
        • Reduce a food, don't eliminate it.
        • About fat

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