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Are you tired of being too ... soft? You know you shouldn't eat so much of the wrong kinds of foods, but you LOVE them!

In Eat to Live Light, you will learn some new ways of looking at food. You will re-evaluate your ideas about eating, examine what makes you eat as you do, and you will learn some strategies to enable you to become leaner and STAY that way.

You know you should exercise, but, with your busy life, how can you come up with a routine that works for YOU?

In Walk to Live Light, you will read all the reasons why it is impossible to exercise every day. Then you will learn how you CAN and will exercise every day. You will learn how to stop telling yourself the lies that have sabotaged you into staying out of shape.

Honesty is the cornerstone of both of these articles. We LIE our way into slothful ennui. We LIE our calves flabby and our pants too tight.

In these two pieces, you will chuckle at yourself because you will see that you, too, have been deceiving yourself with these same myths. You will learn to see through your myths and learn to work around them to discover the healthy lighter you!

While these pieces are about maintaining weight, it is quite possible to lose weight or gain weight by following this advice. What you need to do is to keep your eye on the ball. Have your own goals in mind and work toward them slowly, steadfastly, and patiently. You need to keep looking toward where you will be in a year, and not "getting fit by Friday." <eye roll>

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