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Amateur Radio

Camping and Travel

Computer and Web Development

Games and Fun

General Interest

Encyclopedia Britannica online  Your answer to everything. Well, practically everything!

Hotmail   There's our boy Bill again! Best web-based email!

Hotsheet    Your surf starts here! Great listing of links!

How Stuff Works  Wanna know HOW your mouse works? Wanna know how bug zappers work? This is a great site that explains with detail and diagrams.

Microsoft Network   My boy Bill's Network ... I'm so proud of him!

Translator by Alta Vista Babel Fish  This is great. Translate any word, phrase, or even an entire webpage into the language of your choice!

Computer and Web Development

Adobe  They make, among other things, Photoshop, the far-and-away best graphics/photo editing software. Order it online and save! (I did!)

Alicorna  There is a lot of good information on this site, and there is a fine section with links to other resources, too. Topics include design, graphics and graphics software, but also web design, legal info, scripting, and more.

Best Smileys  If this site doesn't make you smile, you should probably get off the 'net and have a hot bath. Smileys of all sorts, from medical smilies to happy smilies!

CSS Tutorials and Links This page has a wealth of links to many CSS and accessibility sites.

Flaming Text  Make words or logos in your choice of lettering effects and then download them! 

Free Art Site  All manner of free art resources for web designers

GigAlarm  Actually, there are many cool utilities for your computer at this site. I have, use, and LOVE GigAlarm. It's nagware, but the registration is a sweet $7.50, payable with PayPal. Easy peasy, and this thing can help you organize your life!

Jalfrezi  HTML info and tags and stuff

Kim Komando, The Digital Goddess  Get help with any computer or software-related problems from the digital goddess herself!

Learn Web Design Online Learn web design from the experts using a practical step-by-step approach. Courses on all areas of web design, including HTML, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, CSS, Javascript, and more!

LinkScan/QuickCheck  Make sure all your links are linking! Free online service lets you check 50 webpages per day.

Photoshop Resource Links  The only bookmark you need for Photoshop Links!

SAD.ARK  Tutorials for Adobe GoLive in a very attractive site.

Scantips  How to make the most of your scans... all presented in Comic Sans. ;)

Ultra University  Ultra Dave shows us how to put together a website with common-sense advice on everything from what your entry page should include to when to use the passive voice.

Webmonkey  Cool stuff for site developers with articles on topics from beginning HTML to design and backend security.  Wondering what that font is? Scan it in and this site will tell you!

W3 Schools  This site has lots of great things... free! There are tutorials on HTML, XML, Browser Scripting, Server Scripting, .NET, Multimedia, and Web Building. If you think you know it all, they have quizzes! Tons of examples, certification, and even a few grab-it graphics.

Windows Support Sites  Includes helpful links to all things Windows like IE, MS-MVP, Hardware issues with MS, and MS Office. There are also some of the author's favorite sites on Visual Basic, HTML, and other webmastering topics.

Joke Links 

Dialectizer  When I first saw that someone translated my site into "Redneck" i FREAKED! This is hilarious!

Dog Hause  All kinds of pet quotes, trivia, superstitions, etc.

Pie in the Face!  Go on and pie him! He likes it!

The Corporation  Cute "web awards", an essay on the evils of "Kitty Porn", and other funny stuff. Some is R rated.


CandyStand  Good games, mostly kid stuff

Christmas Web Resources Some sites I've found

Flipside many great games! Go here for the Hoyle versions of the games.

FreeCell   The resource and the place for Championship Online Freecell

Funster    Vocabulary games, puzzles

Gamesville Wasting your time since 1996. Lots of great online games!

Imagiware   A few fun puzzle-type games including their version of MasterMind

Internet Gaming Zone   Backgammon, chess, checkers, and more.

iWin Good stuff including the popular Blocktionary! Play against others.

Netives  Ok! My secret's out! Marbles is my addiction!

Sudoku from USA Today BEST of all Sudoku interfaces, archived puzzles.

Wooden U Know  Not all games, but this woman makes and collects really great puzzles and puzzle art. 

Recipe and Food Sites

Candy USA   Let the name speak for itself!

Cooks Illustrated  The terrific magazine and more, online!

Eat to Live Light  How do I stay so slim?

Godiva Chocolate  Do you crave it? I do. Send me some!

Mimi's Cyber Kitchen

Searchable Online Archive of Recipes Run by RecipeSource.  Amazing.


Amateur Radio

Bloomington Radio Club  Come and visit us!

Buckmaster, the Best Call Sign Server  If you are a ham, you are here!

Dayton Hamvention -- The Amateur Radio Mecca  Go there virtually, if you couldn't make it for real. All the details for the next Hamvention, too.

University of Arkansas Call Sign Server  The other "best" call sign server, first to get your info from FCC (updated daily).

QRZ   another great callsign server

RV - Camping - Travel Links

Good Sam Club  The RV/Camping Club for anyone

Kelley Blue Book Site to find out how much that vehicle is worth

Mapquest  Give them an address, they print you a map!

Natural Born Hikers  Awesome site featuring travel experiences and hikes from around the USA and the world!  Set your own airfares!  They have it all for motorhomers including links to all the RV magazines, rigs for sale, and a forum where RVers can talk to each other!.

Trailer Life  The magazine for RV's of all sorts

TravelTales  Janee's own award-winning travel log of her month long adventures!

Other Sites I Like

CAUSS   Citizens against ugly street spam. I did the graphics on the main page!

Dog Hause  All kinds of pet quotes, trivia, superstitions, etc.

Eat to Live Light  How do I stay so slim?

End World Hunger!  Click here once a day. For every click, the site sponsors each donate 1/4 C of food. Costs you nothing!

Human Clock  A desktop clock which changes every minute. People from all over the world think of creative ways to demonstrate the time. Warning.. addictive.

NASA Information  Information for the space buff in all of us

Nick's Spiders  I love spiders and Nick has a great collection of spider photos! 

Parcel Tracking  Just about any shipping company you can dream of is here! Before you send along that titillating bit of alarmist news, do a search for it on Snopes. If you got it by email, chances are good it's a hoax or urban legend.

UPS Package Tracking  Follow your package till it is delivered!

Virus Hoaxes  Come here to read about the latest virus hoaxes that are spreading faster than a virus!

Virus Hoaxes, More

Walk to Live Light  Is it time to get into shape? Message Board

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