Site Work!

Wooo hooo! I actually did some work on my site today. I have all the state capital pages made and have linked up the ones which I've visited from the main capital page. I still have no photos on the individual capital pages, though, so it's pretty much a yawner, but it is progress! Eventually I'll have beautiful galleries of fine architecture and building photos.

Our weather has continued to be wonderful here. We had that one day of rain on Saturday, and now it's just lovely again. 71 today, and just a wispy cloud or two.

Everything else goes apace. Jack's been working as stage manager for the play, tending his garden, and baking cookies, breads, and crackers! I've been playing my hammered dulcimer (love that!), reading, doing crosswords, and keeping up with facebook. I've also been keeping up with my fitness, walking every day, not missing any since 2/1, and doing Greg's classes with weights and bands 3 mornings a week.

Prime Rib Roast

Mmmmmm! This evening, Jack cooked our rib roast we'd gotten from my Auntie! We had Malcolm and Elinor over, and what a fine time we had! Jack fixed the roast on the rotisserie, did yummy garlic potatoes, and I made my delicious squash sauté. Afterward, we enjoyed Jack's pocket apple pies.

Earlier today, we also enjoyed a delightful rain most of the day, topped with a phenomenal rainbow just as the sun set.

And we began today, even as it rained, with a very successful patio sale. I finally broke down and sold my road bike. Yes it was a great bike. Yes it fit me perfectly. But I am just afraid of road biking and don't want to do it. So there. Now I don't have to feel guilty about owning the thing and not riding it.

Zoo Trip

A few days ago, I went on a trip with our Photography Club to the local zoo. It was not just an ordinary outing, though. We were on a special tour which started before the zoo opened. They were feeding the animals and we got some good opportunities for photos!

The zookeeper Jed was fun to watch, too, as he communicated with the animals, getting them to come over to us, and, of course, be fed.

Capybara at Reid Park Zoo

Doings at FHTV

Things are in full swing here as usual in February. Most days there is something to which we either go or should go. Today was the WIII party, which stands for Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, and Indiana. All we'd have to do is to include Wyoming, and we'd have WWIII!

It was a fun party, with a chili, salad, and cake dinner, and prizes donated by generous local merchants for everyone attending. I won an ice cream from Culver's and a dinner for 2 at the American Legion. Jack won a $25 gift card from Ace. So cool stuff!

Fun Day

Today was a fun day. We cast our cares to the wind, forgot our responsibilities, and drove up to Phoenix. On the way we stopped at the restaurant supply store, where we always manage to find something good. Jack got some good oven mitts.

Near Phoenix, we stopped at IKEA. I got a new desk chair, a lampshade for my new olds lamp, and Jack got a cutting board.

On the way back, we stopped in Casa Grande, parked at the City Hall, and took a walk around the town. The highlight for me was the fabulous skate board park. Very cool with concrete carved-out half-pipes.

We got to the northwest corner of Tucson at about 7, so I thought it would be good to stop for supper. So did everyone else! We ended up at Pita Jungle, back in our own side of town.

Then we returned home where we assembled my new chair, and I believe it will be dandy!

See my non-working Image Map!

LOL Ok, so I have it sort of working, but not in any meaningful or functional way! You can see what I have HERE. I got the map made, labels made, and the states we've visited are colored in.

The image map is created, and I have the html on the page and the image is uploaded, and it is almost ready... The only problem is that the image is supposed to be 600 pixels wide, and so is the image map. The image map is right. But WordPress is making the image 474 pixels wide. So the image is scrunched to fit the column, but the image map no longer fits it. :/ I have not made pages to which the links will point, so clicking that image doesn't get you anywhere, either.

I'm not sure where to go from here. I've thought of changing to a theme which allows bigger columns somehow, but this would interfere with the readability of these posts.

In the old days, I could just use brute force to make wider columns where I needed them, and narrow them up when I didn't. But this is supposed to be easier... Grrrr....

Image Maps

You'll see my image map when I'm done with it, and it'll be epic! What this is is an image which contains clickable areas called "hotspots." When a site user clicks an area, he ends up at a particular page which has been linked from there.

I figured this out long ago with my old technology, but it's all new now. My main interface, the bulletin board at is an example of an image map.


Aside from exercising and walking, I hardly did anything today, but I guess that's OK. We did go shopping and I found a metal flower thing to hang on my door which is spring-like. And I say down to do some reading and feel asleep instead. Bleah.

Fun Stuff

Yesterday and today were both busy, fun-packed days! Yesterday we did some shopping and baked things. Then, in the afternoon, we went to the JOGS part of the Gen Show. This must be seen to be believed. As many times as I've been --it is here in Tucson every February -- I'm always astounded by it. There is fine jewelry that runs into the many thousands of dollars wholesale, lose stones by the thousands, beads, I'd bet, by the millions. I looked into one showcase and saw a bracelet for $81,000. So, yeah, lots of fun.

Last evening I finished up my baking. Then early today, we went and set up the bake sale. Every fine baker in the park turns out their best in treats for this one, and this was my 2nd year to be in charge of it. All went very well, I had great help, and I believe we did even better than last year! I insisted upon pricing aggressively, because these are handmade goodies from our own bakers and I do not diminish their efforts. We sold out at full prices. :)

This afternoon, Jack and I went to Reid Park to walk, and the place was full of happy children playing, celebrating birthdays, and enjoying each other. What a delight! Dinner at Texas Roadhouse topped off a wonderful day.

Taste of Far Horizons

Today was our not-quite-annual Taste of Far Horizons, and Jack and I both participated again. I made those chocolate peanut butter bars I mentioned yesterday, and they were delicious and well-received.

Jack made his granola which was wonderful, and several people came and told him it was the best they'd ever had! So we did well. There were surprisingly few others participating in the sharing, but we had 70 tickets sold,

Before the event, I spent some time on my site, flopping around, getting little accomplished. I'm still trying to figure out how things work, and the simplest things still confound me.

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