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Art Games

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Escher Paint Contest  You draw and it tiles as you draw. Neat!

Explore Science's Snowflake Generator  Just like you can make with Janee's tutorial, only easier!

Java Kali  Make wallpapers, friezes, and rosettes just by moving your mouse around. Great fun! (Slow.. is it working?)

Kaleidoscope Painter  What fun this is! Drag your mouse around the canvas and watch your kaleidoscope develop.

Mental Motions  "Mental" is what this will make you! VERY much cool fun here as you make wonky ever-changing patterns with these little applet games.

Make-a-Flake  With this groovy little applet, you can make your own snowflakes, using digital scissors and the paper that they nicely fold for you. Don't miss the gallery!

SpiroGraph  by David Little  just like the one you had when you were a kid, except that this one never ever slips!

Stellations of the Dodecahedron  Check this out. Fun with polyhedra! You can make these things move and even watch them morph stereoscopically!

Stephen Linhart This visionary artist and art software author shares some neat games and puzzle programs he has created. Hard to navigate his site, but worth the work!

Stereogram FAQ Ok.. not really a game, but some fun do play with your eyes, as you look for 3D patterns in these images! MUCH info here and references for how to make your own Stereograms!

Symmetries, Patterns, and Tesselations  Make wallpaper in the 17 different wallpaper groups. I love this!

Taprats Create Islamic star patterns with this mathematically-inspired applet. Interlaced versions are the coolest!

Tuvel's Polyhedra Page Not really games, but some really beautiful 3D geometric art to behold. Wow!

ZeFrank  Please check this out! Includes several great art games. I particularly like Meine Kleine's Draw Toy, and Gyro. I howled laughing at my creation in "Your Mama".

Listings of Java art/geometry applets

Famous Curves Applet Index  Think your curves are famous?

Gallery of Interactive Geometry  Many many really fun things here. Make pretty tilings, create a rainbow, more! (Slow.. is it working?)


Geometry Junkyard  Many many great applets. If you are into the math behind the art, this is the place to play first! From Pythagoras to Polyominoes, there is a LOT here. (a few dead links)

Java Applets  Many cute little things to sort through.

j Puzzles

Pentomino Solutions  generated while you wait!

Puzzle Up  Let this site be your gateway to puzzles. MANY great sites with 3D puzzles, Pentominoes, dissection puzzles, etc.

Stave's e-Puzzles  What a lot of fun these are! And if you're wanting a gift for a very special person, consider one of his hand-crafted wood puzzles!

j Thorleif's Soma Page  This is an amazing site filled with all things SOMA. j
Just For Fun

Ant  Give him something to do.

Billiards Applet  Learn how reflections work (hey.. gotta have an art connection!) by playing this fun little applet.

Segmation  Make your photo or theirs into a paint-by-number and then color it by clicking.

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