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3D Cafe  "The Ultimate Resource for Computer Graphic Artists" 

About: Photoshop and ImageReady Tutorials  Index to many Photoshop tutorials

all graphic design  This is not just another compendium of links. This is a top-notch compendium of links on all topics related to graphic design. Includes schools, books, web design resources, graphic design technique, images, and more. Many fine tutorials linked from this site, along with news of interest to graphics people.

Amazing 3D Graphics  This site does for 3D graphics what my site does for Photoshop. They pegged the title for this one. MANY links to resources of all kinds.

A Digital Dreamer   Nice compendium of links with a focus on general graphic design and web development. Also includes fine articles on what it takes to become a graphic designer.

BMC PhotoArt Photoshop news, articles, galleries, tutorials, and more in this well-organized site.

D-Moz Open Directory Project  Tremendous listing of links for actions, tutorial sites, plug-ins and more. 

Everything Photoshop  A nice portal site with tutorial links directly to the author's site. Also lists links for books, free stuff, tips and tricks color management articles and more.

Find Tutorials  An easy-to-use listing of tutorials on MANY topics including many great tutorials for Photoshop. Links back to the tutorial authors' sites.

Janee's Photoshop Resource Links  You are here! Comprehensive listing of sites for tutorials, tips, newsgroup tips, courses, forums, books, actions, plugins, galleries, general art tips, art games, art contests, and other portals.

Photoshop 101 Nicely organized and annotated listing of links to individual tutorials on the authors' sites.

Photoshop Cafe This comprehensive site has many original tutorials, actions, tips, a forum, gallery, and more. Nice listing of tutorials with links to the authors' sites. Lots of nice car-related tutorials. Site also includes a forum, contests, and galleries.


PhotoshopNews Want to know when the next version of Photoshop is coming out? Curious about other Adobe news?

Photoshop Paradise  Large annotated listing of sources for actions and filters.

Photoshop Roadmap  Fine portal site where you can find links to tutorials, plugins, brushes, shapes, books, and more.

Photoshop Support  Links to tutorial sites, training, tools, news, downloads, and more!

Photoshop Wire  This is a tutorial and resource index site, with some good stuff!

Photo Web Resource Center  Many links for photography, including photography tutorials, equipment, specialized photography, and galleries. Also links on photo-enhancing software including Photoshop, Corel Draw, Photodraw, and others.

Planet Photoshop  Several tutorial sites listed, also a nice course listing and other resources amid a myriad of splashy ads.

PS Workshop (Rainworld)  A nice collection of links to tutorials on all things Photoshop. This grrl has it going on! MANY links for Photoshop sites and GIMP sites as well. Content on this site includes information on colors, other interesting links.. fun site!

Total Tutorials Many tutorials categorized into handy categories. Includes tutorials for other apps too, like MS products, Flash, and HTML. Tutorial page comes up in their "rate it" frame, which I hate.

Tutorial Collection Too many tutorials to count in Photoshop, 3DS Max, and Flash.

Tutorial Find    A tutorial index listing tutorials on ALL topics including many on Photoshop, with links to the author's site.

Tutorial Warehouse  Lots of great tutorials contributed by their authors. Click the Tutorials link to get to them.

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