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Brood X in Southern Indiana

Seventeen-Year Locusts (cicadas)

cicada7176 cicadabrick7166 cicadaholes7148 cicadalily7175
cicadam cicadasdead7139 cicadasground7177 cicadashell7174
cicadashostas7137 cicadasmating7173 cicadasmulberry cicadasplants7135
These lovable (though somewhat creepy) creatures come out every 17 years, digging their way out from underground. In their 17th summer, they fly around, rather clumsily, mate, lay their eggs, and then die. Their above-ground show lasts about 6 weeks.

They do not bite, don't sting, and don't cause much damage, except for the mess left behind by their bodies.

Their noise is incredible. Right now (24 May 2004), they are quite loud, though they have only been out for about 2 weeks. It is said that, at peak, you have to shout to be heard from 5 feet away!

I hope to come up with more photos during these few weeks. These were taken 23 May, 2004 in the neighborhood just east of the IU campus.

Flowers 2

Flowers 3


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