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February 2006

Challenge Awards

It's About Time

February Challenge Gallery

Awards Ceremony

And the Awards go to...

Caroled for P23

I want to dedicate this trophy to brother Gene. He passed away a few days after I received it. He was a talented digital artist and photographer and was the one who started me on my digital journey. Thanks, Gene, this is for you! I didn't even have the chance to share this with you. Thanks for all your support and advise. I will dearly miss you!

p23The photo was taken November 2002 on a trip in the Amish Country, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

It was taken with a Nikon E950, auto settings, from the back seat of an SUV.

I did a bit of levels, saturation and sharpening.

Thanks for all who voted for my image. Thanks to Janee who gives so much of her TIME so we can express ourselves!

Carolv for M23

I wish to thank all the nice people who brought this Trophy to my window. I am so pleased.

Im23 also wish to thank all my mentors and teachers out there. You know who you are! You have all opened up a whole new world. Photoshopping is alot more fun for me than shopping malls.

Now let's get on with the Challenge Parties!

Dorothy for D19

The entries were all so good that I am totally thrilled to be included. So thank all of you that liked my effort and voted for it. I loved everything and would have voted for all of them...everyone that enters the Challenge is a winner.



Joanne for P19

p19Thank you to all who voted for my photo. The note in the photo is one I keep in a frame on a table in my living room because it is so precious to me. It was written about 57 years ago! In the note, my Aunt Hattie talks of herself growing older, me growing up and no longer a baby even though in her thoughts I seem to be still. The steady march of time…

This was a great challenge with many worthy submissions. Thank you Janee, for all your hard work in keeping the Challenge going, we love it!

My Site

Krisse Hill for D17

d17I like to thank you very much for voting my work in the February 2006 Art Challenge. This was my second Challenge entry and second trophy.

All the glory goes to Janee and Joanne and to my wonderfull classmates. We did wonderful work together this past 7 weeks (in Photorealistic Painting) and as you see I did even learn something.

There were so many stunning works in this Challenge. Congratulations for all who had been a part of it. You are welcome to my sites to see what I have learned.

Linda for M11 and M36

m11Thank you for all your votes! This is my first Art Challenge. I thouroly enjoyed it and am looking forward to the next Challenge.

I love to do this type of work, but I tend to do the same stuff over and over. The "Challenge" encourages me to step out of my comfort zone and think of new things and learn different techniques.

Thank you Janee for being such a gracious host and for all the work you do here.

m36Please visit my bengals at

Nik for M19

Thanks everyone who voted for my picture. This picture seemed to flow during the creation of it. I started of with an idea and it all went from there. I have really enjoyed doing this Challenge and it was great to see so many entries.

m19Once again, a BIG thank you to Janee for doing the Challenge. If it was not for hard work then this would never happen. A BIG thank you for Dorothy for playing her part in the Challenge. I think we all know how hard Dorothy helps on this - and all the past Challenges.

I will finish of by saying that "may these Challenges go from strength to strength".

See some of my stuff at:

Susan Kamps for M15 and P06

I am honored to have been selected to win two awards. This was a very fun project for me. I just loooooove Photoshop. It's my relaxation when I have a bit of spare time and I thrive on learning new techniques from my new internet friends as well as my "old" hometown friends.

m15The Time collage with all the phrases was a challenge to do artistically. I'm not sure I quite have the best arrangement, but I enjoyed trying.

The photo of the weathered door was a stroke of luck. It's on Canal Street in Newark, Ohio; I wonder if the old Erie Canal that ran through that alley was what caused the weathering?

p06Thanks again and Congratulations to all who entered with their fabulous images. My mother thanks you; my father thanks you; my sister thanks you; and I thank you. (Jimmy Cagney in Yankee Doodle Dandy)
--Susan from Nerk

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