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About the Challenge

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General rules

Specific rules, such as topic and dates, vary with each Challenge. You can see these on that Challenge's page. (Click the link above.)

m y j a n e e  (2 e's) at  h o t m a i l  dot com  

About the Challenge

I started the Challenge in February 2001. My aim in the beginning was simply to amuse myself, but as the Challenge became more popular, it became apparent to me that it was doing much more than that. This Challenge has changed lives! It has brought confidence to new artists, brought acclaim to established ones, and brought many smiles to many faces all the while.

This Challenge gives learners of all levels a nudge to do artwork that we might otherwise not do. It gives us a chance to show our work in an international forum. We have the opportunity to view and comment on the work of others, and to read their comments about our work as well. Then after all of the entries are in, we have a chance to vote for our favorites. Finally, we have a chance to applaud the artists who garner the most votes in the virtual Awards Ceremony.

So you have seen other art contests on the web; what makes different? Well, for one thing, with other contests, you don't get me! <g> With this Challenge, you get emails acknowledging your efforts, offering you suggestions, answering your questions. (and yes, I am a real person, just one person, and I do not have autoresponders for my email.)

With this Challenge you get support and tips from others in the community. You will find out when the next Challenge is as soon as it is announced (if you get on the Challenge mailing list!). You will find out when entries are closed. If you entered, you will get an email when it is time to vote. You will be notified who the winners are. In short, you will be CONNECTED to this Challenge.

Another connector built into this Challenge that differentiates us is the feedback in the I know that I get used to looking at things through my own eyes and it is very helpful to have other people examining my work. I have learned so much from this!

I try to keep the topics fresh and interesting and I try to keep them open-ended enough to inspire some thought and creativity. We welcome work from any medium. Though most of the projects are done digitally, we have had entries that are done in photography, oils, watercolor, pencil, stained glass that was photographed, and more!

One of the really fun parts of the Challenge comes after all of the entries are in, when we vote for our favorites. Only people who have entered, or our specially selected Blue Ribbon Judges, get to vote.

The winners get to attend the virtual Awards Ceremony by submitting a picture of themselves accepting the coveted trophy!

Do you think that this sounds like your kind of Challenge? Well, give it a go. Join the Challenge Mailings!

I hope to work with you on the next one!

Always me,

P.S. Yes, I do enter this Challenge, too. I am proud to show my work in this Gallery, and I hope that you will be happy to show your work alongside mine. I do not vote, even in the case of ties. Anyone who knows for certain that a particular entry is mine is not allowed to vote for it.

Therefore, if one of my entries should get enough of your votes to put it into the Awards page, of course, I'll happily accept! I don't look at who votes for what, only that you don't vote for your own. I don't know who wins, either, till I do my final tally!

If you have questions about my integrity or about the "propriety" of my posting my own work here, then this may not be the Challenge for you. However, I hope that it is, and that we get to work side by side for months to come!

Other Fine Print

By your sending me your work, you are giving me permission to post it in the Challenge Gallery, to use your nickname in the Gallery, and to use your nickname and/or your work for purposes of promoting the Challenge. See Privacy Statement here.

Your work may be reviewed by many people, including people who might wish to buy your work for use in greeting cards, etc. Janee will not negotiate sale of your work, but she will contact you if a buyer wishes to contact you about your work. Your work is YOURS unless and until you make a deal otherwise.

All entries remain the sole property of the artist and may be used elsewhere only by permission of the artist. The idea is for you to create work of your own. Please use only your own photography, artwork, etc. You are responsible for ascertaining that any material that you use from another source is not in violation of international copyright laws. Break the rules and I'll bite your ankle.

Disclaimer: Janee is making no money of any kind from the organization of this Challenge. Nor will she make any money if an entry happens to be bought by someone who learned of the artist via this Challenge. However, she will make money if HER entry is bought by someone who learned of her through this Challenge.

Janee makes no advertising revenue from this site. Essentially, she is a masochist who loves to bring herself extra work and complaints from people who think that they could do it better.

Good luck!
Always me, 



All material in this site is ©2001 - 2006 by Graphic Creations. No part of it may be used without my written permission. If you have questions or comments about this site or its construction, contact Janee at Graphic Creations, 7193 W Gifford Rd, Bloomington, Indiana, USA 47403 or go to my Contact page for emailing instructions. See Privacy Statement here.
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