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July 2006

Challenge Awards

Book Covers

July Challenge Gallery

Awards Ceremony

And the Awards go to...

Deci for M01

Thanks to all who voted for this and to all who took part - It seems more and more people are coming forward for this and that can only be a good thing, for its one of the best ways of learning and stretching yourself What have I learned from this? Pay attention to detail and stop being distracted by shiny things :-D "

m01You can put my link at the bottom if you insist ;-) All publicity is good publicity.......... from the thoughts of ChairCat Lil in an attempt to excuse her bad behaviour.
Thanks for taking the time with this.

Craig (AKA a getting better deci, WITHOUT chicken soup... I hate chicken soup, besides which Lil says Katie ate all the chicken..........


Elzie for M11 and R04

m11I loved working on this piece which stems from a question that I consider to be one of life’s greatest mysteries: How does a single shoe end up in the middle of the road in the middle of nowhere?
Many thanks to all who voted for my entry, I promise to send you all an autographed copy as soon as the book is published.


I am truly honoured and humbled to accept this award. Okay, maybe humble wouldn’t be a word you would use as I jumped around the room screaming “I won! I won! I won!” 

But seriously, I feel very fortunate to be given the chance to use a photo from my daughter’s wedding in such a way, and then to be chosen as a winner amongst such fine entries, it’s a double thrill.  Thank you to all the people who make such a great community to hang out in.


Joanne Johnson for H02 and L05

Tl05o All Fellow Challengers,
Thank you for the votes of confidence, they are so appreciated. Appreciated as well is the spirit and enthusiasm displayed by all who dig into the work of creating such another great group of images! Not such an easy thing to have an idea and then to figure just how you are going to express it so that it pleases you and also makes sense to others! (Not so easy to even get an idea sometimes!) So, congratulations to us all for taking that on.

I am thankful also to William Bouguereau whose most beautiful work adorned the large format book. His work can be seen here at ARC International.

h02The stamp book was the tedious removal of backgrounds of stamps…as I removed the backgrounds I saw the detailed art inherent in each stamp! I also noticed that some of the African and South American countries have the most colorful stamps!

I have recently learned a lot about Illustrator and used it, hand in hand, with Photoshop this Challenge. The two together are a powerful pair!

Janee, thank you for doing all the work for the Challenge, we all love it and you!

Justin Thyme for S04

Thanks all - its really great to have work appreciated, especially by such an esteemed audience. Congrats to the other entrants and winners, too - such a talented lot! :-)

s04OK, my image was done in Photoshop as follows:
I removed the model from her background using a layer mask, 'made her up' by retouching lips, replacing irises, etc. I copied this layer and applied a gaussian blur to her face, setting the layer to screen and decreasing the opacity - giving the 'photoshoot model' look. Her face was selected, cut out and rotated using free transform, and an advert for the auto yard where she works was dropped in its place. The cut-out look of her face was achieved using a drop-shadow layer style in a bone colour and a manual shadow was added to the ad page to complete the illusion.
The glass-look text was done with layer styles. The 'O' of 'NOT' was turned into the female sign by simply adding a cross to the bottom of it. That's the beauty of layer styles - everything on the layer has the style applied to it. A background was added using the clouds and difference clouds filter and a gradient. Voilà!
--Justin Thyme
More of my work can be seen here -- .

Mark for H11

Thanks to all those who voted for my picture.

Th11his picture was somewhat of a challenge to do, it took me a while to come up with an idea, (sometimes the strangest things can inspire) and I did spend quite a bit of time making it, because so much of it was done from scratch, but I think the results were worth it.

Can't wait for the next Challenge!

Susan from Nerk for T04

Tt04hank you one and all for this awesome award. All of us Photoshop Junkies are geeks of sorts, so this Geek Dating cover is in honor of all of you. Some pictures just scream out to have a story attached, and this one did. I'm sure the handsome young fellow followed all the advice in the book, and that's why he got me, a white-haired, 58 year old crone, as pictured in the award photo. 

I seem to do my best work when I let my imagination run wild... and I have fun doing it.  Thanks again, fellow Pshop geeks.
>>>>>>> susan from nerk >>>>>>>

UK Tony for C01

What a great fun Challenge, full of humour, great compositions and full of artistic endeavour.

c01I thank you all for your comments, votes and above all the great competition.

I must point out that no snakes were harmed during the artistic process, all were of legal age and gave full consent.

Thanks again

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