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Janee's Sketchbook

I have a philosophy that says that perfectionism and "do your best" are demonic plagues which suck away creativity and immobilize artists. "Dare to suck," I say! So this is my "daring to suck" page, just stuff that i have tried. Some of it .. i have actually practiced at till i got a bit better. Some is just for fun. More, no doubt, will come. No laughing... unless it is out loud!  -Janee
War lines red & black lines

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Glassy Egg
Want to see more eggs?
Janee's dear mother in-law, Ruth Janee's dear father in-law, Joe heavenly fruit
More drawings
Alarm Clock (10/00) hand 1 -- drawn on computer hand 2 -- drawn on computer in photoshop done in pencil as i waited at the airport
Drawings & Paintings Holiday Cards Kinky Ink

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