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Janee's Gallery Tour

This Gallery consists of different rooms representing many different types of Janee-art. This is a self-guided tour and I don't force you to listen to an exposé on the history of each piece.

Do you want to inquire about my doing work for you? Or do you find yourself wondering how I was inspired or how I created a piece? Please feel free to either email me at the address on the slip of paper below or ask in the Community.

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Fine Art

(well.. ok... so-so art)

Drawings & Paintings
Sunrise through the door.. I used a photo of the trees and the sunrise. The rest is done using only the native tools of Photoshop.
Greeting Cards
painted magnolia
Sugar & Spice
Alarm Clock (10/00)
egg2.jpg (25836 bytes)
earth in motion
Out There

Photos & Manipulations

Photo Gallery
Photo Art


demon-eyes can really wreck a photo!

Photo Retouching

Graphic Art

Hexagons into Infinity

Don't take this for granite!
Spectrum 2
Gradations I
grad23.jpg (61934 bytes)
Gradations 2
red&black.jpg (51177 bytes)
Gradations 3

Gold and Copper
Text Effects
This began with difference clouds.. then used curves before putting into an alpha channel.
yes and no
Concrete Poetry
Miss my old Gallery interface?

J A N E E  then zero-four .. at Message Board

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