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How the Challenge works

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May 2006

My Favorite Color is... Yellow!

Awards Ceremony

Digital Drawings & Paintings

d01 d02 d03 d04 d05
Sophie Janee Nik Sophie Esselle
d06 d07 d08 d09 d10
Pat Feinstein OneRum Summerz Tom Pat Feinstein
d11 d12 d13 d14 d15
Tom Janee Renee Barrett Krisse Hill Wannabe
d16 d17 d18 d19 d20
KenS Wannabe OneRum Fran Guinee Jo Peterson
d21 d22 d23 d24 d25
Krisse Hill Mick Nik Joanne Joanne
d26 d27 d28 d29 d30
Sharma Naresh Esselle Kim Sallaway Jo Peterson Marc
d31 d32 d33
Jaye Merf Merf

Manipulated Photos






Nik JohnD Starman Gary Dorothy Nik
m06 m07 m08 m09 m10
JohnD Susan from Nerk Susan from Nerk Paul Attrell Paul Attrell
m11 m12 m13 m14 m15
Pat Feinstein Pat Feinstein Kath Kath UKTony
m16 m17 m18 m19 m20
CarolV UKTony CarolV Nancy Krause Krisse Hill
m21 m22 m23 m24 m25
Krisse Hill Jo Peterson Jo Peterson Dorothy Michael
m26 m27 m28 m29 m30
jaypet jrj Justleesa Kim Sallaway Kim Sallaway
m31 m32 m33 m34 m35
AlBaby Marc Marc Pernel Pernel
m36 m37 m38 m39 m40
Joanne Sophie Tani Carousel Carousel
m41 m42 m43 m44 m45
Caroled Joanne Merf Nancy Mull Caroled

Pure Photos

p01 p02 p03 p04 p05
JohnD Celine Dorothy chardata chardata
p06 p07 p08 p09 p10
Janee Janee JohnD Susan from Nerk Susan from Nerk
p11 p12 p13 p14 p15
Pat Feinstein Pat Feinstein Kath Dorothy OneRum
p16 p17 p18 p19 p20
UKTony CarolV UKTony CarolV Krisse Hill
p21 p22 p23 p24 p25
Krisse Hill Jo Peterson Jo Peterson Caroled Dawn Walker
p26 p27 p28 p29 p30
Justleesa Justleesa Kim Sallaway Kim Sallaway Joanne
p31 p32 p33 p34 p35
AlBaby Pernel Pernel Joanne Marc
p36 p37 p38 p39 p40
Carousel Carousel Sam I Am Sam I Am Merf
p41 p42
Janee Caroled


This Challenge is open to learners of all levels, using any digital medium. There is no charge for entering. But you do have to follow the rules.


  • This Challenge is being announced on Sunday, 30 April, 2006.
  • Entries will be posted beginning on Wednesday, 3 May, and all entries are due by Monday, 15 May, 2006 at 15:00 GMT.
  • Voting will commence on 15 May after 16:00 GMT.
  • All votes are due by Wednesday, 17 May, 15:00 GMT.

See the full rules.

Why should you do this?

  • To get experience
  • Force yourself to do some art
  • Fun & excitement
  • Feedback from others
  • The Trophy!

Naming Files

Please name your images in LOWER CASE (<--that isn't lower case) as follows:

Begin with the category in lower case:

Add a zero 0.

Give a serial number. So if this is your 2nd entry in the Manipulated Photos category, you will name this entry m02.jpg.

Note: If you do not name your files correctly with the category letter, I will guess what category the entry should go into. If I can't guess, then your entry may be disqualified. If it is discovered that you have put your entry into the wrong category, your entry will be disqualified or moved, at my sole discretion.

Sending Files

  • Please use Challenge Entry as your Subject line.
  • ATTACH (do not embed) your jpg files to an email.

    Check your images by clicking on the attachments before you send, just to be sure that you're sending the right one!
  • In this email, tell me the name you would like to use for your entry, when I put the names on at the end of the Challenge.
  • Send to me at the address on the slip of paper below. You may send all your images in one email, or you may use separate emails.

    Clicking this paper will fill in only the Subject on your email. You must fill in the address yourself. There are 2 e's and no "y" in "janee." (I do this to foil the spambots and it works beautifully!)

M Y J A N E E then  .. at hotmail dot com

  • If this email should bounce, or if you do not hear from me within a day or two, please use my other email address:

Challenge Guidelines for May:

The Message Board will work just as I describe HERE. Please note that posting your statement is part of participation in the Challenge. If you do not post a statement, you will not be eligible for a Trophy.

At the time that I post the entries, I will send you the MyWork password, and you use that whenever you talk about your own work on the board. The idea is to keep the identity of the artists secret till after the voting.

Emails. I will send one email to you when I post your entries. I will send out a mass email when it is time to vote. I will send a mass email announcing the Awards.

I WILL NOT be posting entries on Saturdays or Sundays.

I'll send you an email just after I post your entry. So, if you send it on Friday afternoon, you should expect an email from me by about 17:00 GMT on Monday.

In general, you should email me if you do not get an email acknowleging your entries within one full day of when you send them (excepting weekends).

If you don't hear from me after that, your email box may be full. Check this and then email me again.

Comments and Artist's Statements. Once your entries are up, you'll make an Artist's Statement for each of your own entries, using the MyWork login name, and comment on the other entries, using your own login name.

The sooner you get your Artist's Statements posted, the more likely you are to get comments on your entries. Your Artist's Statements must be posted by 18:00 on the entry due date.

Entries which have no Artist's Statement are not as likely to get votes. If you don't have an Artist's Statement by the close of voting, you will not be eligible for a Trophy, even if you get enough votes.

Image and filesize restrictions. I'll be setting up this Challenge using Photoshop's Web Photo Gallery feature.

Please send me your final images with the longer side measuring at least 600 pixels. If you send it smaller, it will be enlarged for the gallery and this won't be good. If you send it larger, no crisis.

Photoshop will be making the thumbnails, so ... you don't need to make them!

As far as filesize, I'll be running the Web Photo Gallery with a quality of 5. My goal is to have images that are about 60K. Images that are less complex will have smaller files. Images that are more complex will have larger files. Of course, it is my hope that all of the images look as good as possible.

Because there will be an extra layer of compression with this extra file-save, I'll allow you to submit image files that are up to 120K.

Please don't send PSD files. Please ATTACH, do not embed, your files.

Keep in mind that this Challenge is about YOU, what you can do, what you can learn from others, and what you can teach them. I look forward to working with you on this Challenge!


Vote when I tell you to, and not before:

In general, I will ask for (n/10) + 1 votes, if n is the number of entries in a category.

Vote by sending an email to Janee at the email address below!

Who can vote?

Only people who have entered this Challenge, or people who have an invitation from Janee to be a Blue Ribbon Judge, may vote in this Challenge. If you want to vote, but have not been invited, email me and ask.

Click for full Voting Guidelines.

May Challenge Topic & Rules

Topic... My Favorite Color is... Yellow!

For this month, we're going to be posting images of yellow things! Your entire image need not be yellow, but the overwhelming feeling should be one of "yellow."

Size Matters!

Image Size File Size
600 pixels or more
on longer side
120K MAX

Questions? For full rules, go here.

Summary of Entry Requirements:

  • Follow the topic
  • NO more than stated limit for entries in a category
  • Correct entry sizes
  • File names in correct format
  • Your Artist's Statement in Message Board before voting period begins
  • Comments to the other artists on the Message Board
  • Vote when it is time.
  • If you are chosen to receive a Trophy, plan to do an acceptance picture and speech.

Enter or vote by emailing Janee.

M Y J A N E E then  .. at hotmail dot com

For this Challenge, you may have up to six (6) entries altogether, and NO MORE than two (2) entries for any one category.

The categories are these:

Click each of these to see a description on the Official Challenge Rules of what that category entails. In general, if you're using a photo's pixels, a filtered photo, or selections based upon a photo's colors, then that is considered a Manipulated Photo.

On the photo side, if you're manipulating it very much, it can no longer be considered "pure." I have a listing of allowed "pure" editing techniques on the Rules page.

I am the sole judge of whether something will be posted or not. If you have a question about the appropriateness of your entry, the answer is no. :)

What you may NOT depict is the usual taboos -- slurs against any particular group or nudity that you'd get in trouble having on network TV.

If you are using any images which are not original to you, you must disclose this in your Artist's Statement in the Community Message Board.

I hope you enjoy being part of this Challenge!

Always me,

email Janee by typing in the address on the slip of paperabove.


email Janee by typing in the address on the slip of paper above.


NOTE: You have to type in my email address! Use the address on this slip of paper. Message Board 

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