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Photoshop Tutorials
from the Goddess

Tutorials for Elements


for the beginner with Photoshop. Hey, you have to start somewhere! Fun with circles and squares!
Basic Shapes

Pearly Button
Pearly Button

Show me a Sign
Show me a Sign

What's the Vector, Victor?
What's the Vector?

Custom Shapes 1
Custom Shapes

Custom Shapes 2
More Custom Shapes

Lines will are the topic for this beginner's tutorial. Can't draw a straight line? Well good! Come on and I'll show you how!
Seventies Trees

Post-It Note

Remember those folded-paper snowflakes? Make 'em in your computer! 

Transparent Capsule
Transparent Capsule

Pen Tools

Drawing with the Freeform Pen
Freeform Pen

Celebrate your love for your sweetie using the Pen Tool! Awww come on. It is time you learned how to use this cool little tool. Do one or all four!
Hearts (Pen Tool)

Love your pen... and enlarge a logo!
Reproduce a Logo

Get those angles precise by using my little computer protractor! 
Seeing Stars


Crayon Effect

Managing your Brushes

Brushes of Photoshop 7-8
Brushes of PS 7+

Have a Ball... and make one in Photoshop 7-8
Have a Ball

Color like an Impressionist!
Impressionist Painting

Photorealism... painting what you see
Photorealistic Painting

Create a stitched effect in Photoshop 7-8

Make a Copyright Signature brush
Copyright Signature Brush

How to draw one of these beautiful designs from scratch! 
Celtic Knots

Flowers along a path... how to make a brushstroke follow a path you create.
Follow the Path

fun text tricks in Photoshop... making text into a custom brush
Text Tricks

Make a jet contrail that says what you want!
Jet Contrails

Lettering & Text Effects

The text editing in PS 6 - 8 is amazing. Explore some of what it can do!
Type Tool Tricks

Class up your act with antique gold text! 
Antique Gold Text

Gel Text
Gel Text

Create this stunning effect yourself! Jeweled Gold Text

Use layers to accomplish this neat effect. Linked letters
Linked Letters

Postcard Text 1
Postcard Text by Brute Force

Postcard Text 2
Postcard Text by Clipping Group

Postcard Text 3
Postcard Text by Paste Into

Textures & Special Effects

Crumpled Paper
Torn Paper
Torn Paper
Bursting through paper
Burst Through Paper
Folded paper
Folded Paper

curled paper edge
Curled Edge

Bulletin Board, Frame, Pin

Labeling a Bottle

Scan a piece of wood? Why bother? Make your own!

Natural looking rainbows

Start with some gradients and combine them with PS's Blending Modes to create Amazing Gradients!
Amazing Gradients


Make your own rain!

Working with Patterns.

Make your own wallpaper or background for your webpage! Two approaches to this.
Seamless Tiles

Seamless tilings
Seamless Tiles Too

Learn how to use patterns to create TV lines.
TV Lines

Hexagonal or "beehive" tilings
Hex Tilings

Reflections in sunglasses. Too cool!
Sunglass reflections

animations using ImageReady

Photo Fixing & Restoring

Using the rubber stamp tool, smudge, and color correction to enhance a photo.
Retouching 1

Photo retouching using the Patch and healing tools
Retouching 2

Bring an old photo back to its original condition (or come pretty close).

Eyes closed? Stupid expression? No worry.. just replace the person's head!
New Head

Just one way to cut a hairy subject out to put her on another background.
Remove Background

several ways to make selections, including some ways to make particularly difficult selections.
Selections and Removing BG

Correcting uneven lighting
Tonal Correction

Using Adjustment Layers to correct images... and come up with some far-out effects!
Adjustment Layers

This method, while limited, will sometimes work for red-eye in people as well. ;)
Fixing Demonic Pet Eyes

Photo Art

Over the Edge

Adding Rays of Light

Breaking out of a Frame

Give a face a different texture. Here, we make a wooden man!
Wooden Expression

Make a Line Drawing from a photo.. 2 ways
Photo > Line Drawing

Create a hand-painted portrait look from a snapshot. (Use PS 6 for this for best results.)
Photo > Oil

creating a duotone composite

 Make a new photo look like one that was taken in 1895 with a sepia-toning effect!
Sepia Toning and Masking

Create a special look for your photo with burned edges!
Burned Edge

Making a photo into a painting
Photo > Painting

porcelain effect
Porcelain Effect

Want to add something to a photo? Here we use layer masks to make it "fit".
Photo Composition

Make a favorite photo into a watercolor look-alike.
Photo > Watercolor

Using Filters... some Janee tips
Filter Fun

Make a favorite photo into a pen and inked watercolor in Photoshop.
Photo > Paint-ink

Create that cool montage effect with your own photos
Fading Photos Together

Do you have a picture that you want to show off? Mat and frame it to make it a masterpiece!

Nifty Ideas, General Topics, Actions, and Specific Tools

Action for Rule of Thirds

Keeping your Colors Safe... for the web, and for print!
Safe Colors

Interface with Rollovers

Cropping Tips

Saving for the Web
Save for Web

Transparent GIFs
Save Transparency

Make an Action to mark the center of your canvas.
Action to Mark Center

Keyboard equivalents

This is not a tutorial; it is a tool that I made for us to use to create or measure angles. Just drag it onto your work!
Janee's Protractor

myJanee.Community Tips

Registering for the Community

Posting Class Assignments

Posting a link in the Community

How toCopy/Paste

Check out Ask the Goddess and the Ask the Goddess Archives for many more great Janeetips!

Photoshop Classes from Janee

If you like my tutorials and you are the sort of person who likes to learn in an "orderly" way while meeting and working with other people, then I am SURE you will like my Photoshop courses!

You can read more about them here.

For 2006-2007:

  • Photoshop Launchpad A, B, C (3-part course)
  • Photos into Artwork for Photoshop
  • Starting with a Blank Canvas for Photoshop
  • Fix your Photos
  • Photorealistic Painting in Photoshop

Suggested Sequence for Janee's Tutorials

Drawing, Lettering, Special effects

Photo Manipulation

  • Basic Shapes
  • Pearly Button
  • Paintbrushes of PS 7
  • Red Ball with the Airbrush
  • Impressionist Heart
  • What's the Vector, Victor?
  • Using Filters
  • Bulletin Board
  • Seventies Trees
  • Custom Shapes 1
  • Custom Shapes 2
  • Animations
  • TV Lines
  • Heart 1
  • Heart 2
  • Love your Pen 1
  • Raindrops
  • Love your Pen 2
  • Painting along a Path
  • A Stitch in Time
  • Get into Shape
  • Spirals
  • Torn Paper
  • Selections
  • Amazing Gradients
  • Folded Paper
  • Sunglasses Reflection 
  • Antique Gold Text
  • Just My Type!
  • Text Tricks w/ Cstm Brushes
  • Postcard Text 1- 3
  • Snowflakes
  • Transparent Capsule
  • Gel Text
  • Seeing Stars
  • Beyond TV Lines
  • Wood
  • Jeweled Gold Text
  • Celtic Knot
  • Heart 3
  • Heart 4
  • Tilings
  • Jet Contrails
  • Linking Letters
  • Rainbow
  • Bursting Through Paper
  • Interface with Rollovers
  • Basic Photo Retouching 
  • Photo Retouching 2
  • Using Filters
  • Selections
  • Breaking out of a Frame
  • Postcard Text 1 - 3
  • Line Drawing from a Photo
  • Duotone Composite
  • Using Adjustment Layers
  • Photo Restoration I
  • Sepia Toning
  • Replacing a Head
  • Sunglasses Reflection 
  • Burned Edges 
  • Fixing Demonic Pet Eyes
  • Cutting out Hair 
  • Watercolor from a Photo 
  • Correcting Uneven Lighting
  • Cityscape Painting
  • Framing a Picture
  • Pen and Inked Watercolor
  • Photo Composition
  • Fading Images into One
  • Porcelain Effect
  • Oil Painting from a Photo
  • Bursting Through Paper

* I compiled this list as a suggested sequence for people who like to do things in a linear fashion. You know who you are. You are the people who know that you are not supposed to use your monitor in the rain because you read the Safety Instructions before you hooked it up.

The tutorials should stand pretty well on their own, actually, so if something "out of sequence" appeals to you, go ahead and do it! If something does NOT appeal to you, though, rather than just skipping it, go and look at the objectives at the beginning of the tutorial and see if there is something there that you really need to know/practice. You might find that the tutorial is cooler than you thought from glancing at the title. 

I separated the drawing tutorials from the photo manipulation ones because some people are more interested in one area than in the other. I urge you to try your hand at both though. I will not hear any of that "But I can't drawwwwwww!" sort of stuff. That is what these tutorials are for -- to help you LEARN these skills.

Learning to draw takes nothing more, nothing less, than a combination of the following:

  • Careful observation.
  • Perseverance.
  • Courage.

None of these comes "naturally"; all are skills that we can develop. So begin your journey, and may your learning curve be smooth!

Always me,


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